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360 ° camera

2017/11/04   -Uncategorized

Do you know 360° camera? Last week, it was Halloween.  Actually, Halloween is very famous in Japan. It’s not only for children but also adult. It’s like costume festival. Therefore, there were costumes for Halloween when I went to a ground to play football. My friend said to me that: - Let’s take picture with the costumes. When I was wearing costume, he took something sticky. That’s was a 360° camera. He proposed us  that we made a circle. He took a photo from the center of the circle. Is the following day, he sends us a picture. The picture ...

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Pokémon Go and an elderly man

2017/09/26   -Uncategorized

These days, Pokémon Go gets unpopular step by step in Japan. Only around 30s-50s play the game. In the Starbucks, I encountered a elderly man who tried to get Pokémon, as well as he could. I wish he get a good one.

Getting annoyed

2017/09/25   -Uncategorized

These days, I get annoyed because I am hungry when I go home from my workplace. Actually, I would like to think about something creative then and spend my time productively.  All I think is hungry. It is hard not to feel hungry expect for that. I am really so annoyed.

Movie review:  Silence

2017/09/24   -Uncategorized

I watched a movie named "Silence" based in a Japanese novel.The movie was very difficult because the movie was about a religious history. In other aspect, the actor Adam Driver was very handsome He's getting popular. That is why he is shown in famous film, such as Silence, Star Wars and Paterson.

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Story about depression

2017/09/19   -Uncategorized

I talked with my boss about a disease of depression when we ate lunch by accident.   At that time, he confessed me that he had been sick of depression. In addition, he said that his grandfather and daughter also had been that.   Therefore, he told uniquely how to overcome the depression.   However, I did not sympathy with him because I had never felt that before. Actually, I am opposite type of that. In other words, I am a kind of lazy man.   Therefore, I felt that the sick may not indifferent with me.   While, he ...

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The woman of Jeep

2017/09/18   -Uncategorized

I found a girl who was in a Jeep when I tried to go out from the parking. She looked cute and young around 20s and made up as she used the side mirror of the car. The Jeep seemed to the latest model. That is why I thought she earned money a lot even though she looked very young. In addition, I wonder that young girls were also willing to have a Jeep which regarded as a masculine car.   When I stopped my car because of a signal, the Jeep also stopped next to me by accident. A ...

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Be addicted to something

2017/08/12   -Uncategorized

I had my fortune told by my aunt who was psychiatrist when I return to my grandparent’s house. She is not only doctor but also has six sense and able to do things similar with fortune telling.   At that time, she asked me that: - Are you good at swimming?   I answered that: - I am not good at swimming but I like it.   Again, she asked that: -Are you good at dealing with alcohol?   I replied that: - I do not drink alcohol much even though I like to drink them.   After that, she ...

Small adventure

2017/08/10   -Uncategorized

I traveled many places not only in japan but also all over the world. I used many transportations. Especially, I get nervous when I ride a bus.   I get nervous when I think where I am and where I should get off because the route is completely unknown for me. Sometimes, I look around modestly because I am not willing let people regard me as stranger.   For me, riding bus bring me some stress but it is good spice for traveling.

A song of avocado

2017/08/10   -Uncategorized

These days, I am into a girl’s band named “Yonige”. I know only one song named “Avogado”. The lyrics of the song is very unique.     The lyrics of the background is a couple. They fought and broke up. At that time, she threw Avocado. He got anger and he grinned avocado in her bag as revenge. Then, her bag became useless.   At first, I thought the lyrics was metaphor for something. However, it was true story of the vocal member as the official twitter account tweeted about it. The fighting scene comes to my mind.

Hard head and unfairness

2017/08/08   -Uncategorized

I talked with my mother about my childhood yesterday. Then, we remembered a happening about my hard head. Therefore, I would like to write about it.   One day, I fought with my friend when I was an elementary school student. I did not remember the reason why I fought with him but it was a trifling matter. Our teacher interfered us because it was out of hand among ourselves.   All of sudden, she holed heads of me and my friends and gave us butt.  I was really surprised then my friends begun to weep. Because, my head was ...

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