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Nodding robot

2017/07/12   -Story

In Japan, the invention of robotics technology is developing dramatically. There are various robots in Japan. Then, I hope that somebody make “nodding robot”. The description below is my ideal. I am writing a blog every day. Then, sometimes, I did not come up with any good idea. At that time, I would like to talk with somebody for a change of pace because I basically think about the idea on the desk. I just want the robot listen my stories. I want to see when the robot nod. I think the nodding cheer me up. Maybe, it is similar ...

Ponkotsu Experience

2017/06/22   -Story

Sometimes, we use an unique Japanese words “Ponkotsu”. The word stands for a kind of person who makes mistake when he shouldn’t but still like him. The word has similarities with “useless”, ”Unreliable” and “tool” I had an experience of “Ponktotsu” . I would like to share about it. One day, I supported to give a ride for a congressional secretary. Because, I was between jobs and I had a time. He listened my stories especially about my job hunting because the driving itself was boring and there were plenty of times when we drove. He was so generous that ...

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