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How to write a blog every day

2017/07/12   -How to

These days, I have a resolution that I write a blog every day. However, it is difficult for me to write it ever day because I cannot come up with any idea sometimes. Therefore, I think how to stock idea that I want to write and it worth to read. I would like to share about it.   1. Make a material book I made a material book and write something unique in the book because it is easy for me to forget what I thought and experienced. Sometimes, I use colored sticky because it is easy for me to ...

Hints to continue to speak language you are learning in the class.

2017/06/27   -How to

I am learning English in a class. The class is really small, which have two students including me. We are very close and the class is very fun. However, I have a concerning in the class. That is that the other student want to speak in Japanese sometimes in the class. I would like to use only English in the class in order to improve my speaking and listening skill for English. I understand she was willing to speak in Japanese when she did not come up with words in English. I would like to urge her to speak only ...

Ice-cream headache

2017/06/22   -How to

I ate a shaved ice with green tea flavor yesterday with my mother. All of sudden, I had an ice-cream headache when I was eating the ice. It is too hard for me to continue to talk with her. Several minute later, the headache diminished, though. Sometimes, it happened when ate something cold like ice cream. Therefore, I searched and found three solutions. Eat slowly Massage on the both side of the nose Drink hot milk Please try the solutions when you have ice-cream headache.

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