Be addicted to something


I had my fortune told by my aunt who was psychiatrist when I return to my grandparent’s house. She is not only doctor but also has six sense and able to do things similar with fortune telling.


At that time, she asked me that:

- Are you good at swimming?


I answered that:

- I am not good at swimming but I like it.


Again, she asked that:

-Are you good at dealing with alcohol?


I replied that:

- I do not drink alcohol much even though I like to drink them.


After that, she realized something from my face and behavior then she advised me that:

- You have possibilities to be addicted something such as alcohol or gamble or women in the future. In other words, you have tendency to devote yourself to something.


I felt strange a bit about it because I did not drink, like gambling and go out with women much. However, I came up with idea related what she said. That is Internet.

I am easy to forget time how dong it does take when I am surfing internet.


Our life style has changed while a fortune teller exists long time ago.

Therefore, she did not give me the example of internet as it is a new concept.


I reflect that I should not be addicted to internet by measuring time when I surf internet.




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