360 ° camera


Do you know 360° camera?

Last week, it was Halloween.  Actually, Halloween is very famous in Japan. It’s not only for children but also adult.

It’s like costume festival.

Therefore, there were costumes for Halloween when I went to a ground to play football.

My friend said to me that:

- Let’s take picture with the costumes.

When I was wearing costume, he took something sticky.

That’s was a 360° camera.
He proposed us  that we made a circle.
He took a photo from the center of the circle.

Is the following day, he sends us a picture.

The picture is really fresh and unique because I have never seen before like that picture.

Then, he adds comment that:

- It’s good to take picture with your girlfriend.

He had no intention but I thought his advice was not appropriate for me.




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